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Zig Zag Table Furniture 200cm, Wood Design

Zig Zag Table Furniture 200cm, Wood Design

Robust dining table for up to 8 place settings with rectangular light wood top.

Zig Zag foot in white satin steel.

Material: Acacia wood

H 79 cm; L: 200cm; W: 95cm

Thickness of the tray: approximately 5 cm

Weight: 51 Kg

This set includes:

  • L: 200cm x W: 94cm x H: 5cm Table top
  • L: 83cm x W: 8cm x H: 75cm Foot

1 190,00 


Dining table assembly instructions


► It will have the most beautiful effect ☼ well placed and oriented in the dining room

► The combination of wood and metal convinces with simple elegance

► Natural, industrial and trendy atmosphere

► Adds a timeless touch to your dining room

► To combine with cocktail or vintage chairs

► To make an office, meals with family or guests

► Dining room or office furniture


The art of the table was born in antiquity with feasts and banquets.

The Romans ate lying down and it was from the 7th century that we saw trestles and benches appear.

The dining room appeared in the 17th century and became widespread in the 18th.

During the Renaissance, fixed tables appeared.


Additional information

Weight 50 kg