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Large Black Panther Sculpture, Bronze

Large Black Panther Sculpture, Bronze

Splendid realistic sculpture of a large and long black panther standing forward, paw forward, ears back and mouth open.

Ready to attack, its message is clear, do not approach and its mission, keep its territory.

In bronze.

Dimensions: 200 x 50 x 70 cm

3 990,00 


► ☼ Will look great on the floor

► Prestige and alert atmosphere

► Decoration of entrance, office or living room

► Ideal gift for feline lovers

► Ideal gift for collectors

► Wedding, birthday or housewarming gift


The black panther is a symbol of liberation of passions and the implementation of one's ideas.

It is the most mystical of panthers.

It is linked to the moon and darkness.

All felids come from Orion, the constellation of spiritual awakening and wisdom.

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