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Black velvet sofa furniture, corner and pouf

Black velvet sofa furniture, corner and pouf

Elegant sofa with adjustable size according to your space. With armrests and cushion back.

Black velvet.

Seat height 68 cm

Width: approximately 100 cm

Wooden frame

620,00 2 950,00 


Flame retardant YES

Assembly required: YES


► Central element of the living room, it will attract all eyes

► Will bring a chic and designer touch to your interior decoration

► Combines comfort and softness

► Generous shape and material

► Modern and minimalist style

► Inspiring and relaxing atmosphere

► To relax alone, with family or receive guests

► Furniture for living room, office, hotels or bedroom


The first seats with armrests, ancestors of the current sofa, were created in the 18th century.

They were conducive to dialogue thanks to the comfort of a padded seat.

It was in 1865 by an Englishman that the sofa or couch as we know it was invented.

The idea of not only sitting but also lying down and sleeping materialized.